Exclusive Presale Price

January 15 - 11 PM UTC




0.09 ETH


20 per Wallet

Limited Sale

Price Per NFT

0.09 ETH Each

- 1 +
0.09 ETH

Cyber girl metaverse

5555 unique NFTs collection on Ethereum Blockchain, it embodies a mesmerizing mixture of cyberpunk & diversity of femininity.

These are the incarnations of four heroines: Kayla, Sofia, Tamica and Megan. They have 83 different hairstyles, a total of 18 have drones, 14 have helmets, 11 have backpacks and 57 have weapons. Among all the NFTs, 1111 are the rarest - marked with blue frames.

You can’t resist it! Dive into staking and farming with the fab Cyber Girls!

Mint Opensea


Collect the beauties, then farm ERC-20 and stake your NFTs in our DEX laboratory.

The collection is based on ERC-721 standard, stored on IPFS. You get full ownership of NFT & exclusive rights to a share of the profits of NFT Sale, participation in airdrops and giveaways. NFTs can be exchanged within the platform.

5555 Cyber Girls will be sold publicly. 555 are reserved by the team to cover the marketing costs and listings.

The team will redeem 7% of unclaimed public sales.




The Cyber Girl concept illustrates that NFT is much more than just a PNG-file. NFT brings you to a token-based ecosystem with a variety of software and interactions between participants. Enjoy the user-friendly platform for secondary sales of NFTs, acquiring dividends, and collecting assets.


NFT holders get access to the exclusive club and business contacts in the blockchain space.


Our development strategy includes involving the top artists and releasing new collections.


Cyber Girls are programmatically generated from 300 unique elements.

44 ETH for giveaways

Each step is 25%

There are four stages of sale, and in each step, 25% of the Cyber Girl collection will be sold. Unique, rare NFT 3D Girls will also be released and raffled off among random users in the third stage.

ETH giveaways

At the end of each stage, 10% of ETH from the sales will be raffled off among all NFT Cyber Girl owners. That's 11 ETH in each phase or 44 ETH for the entire cycle.

Offers & royalties

Get 3% share of all sales

Participants can also take advantage of a special package offer in each phase. By purchasing a pack of 20 NFT Cyber Girl cards, you earn the exclusive right to receive a 3% share of the proceeds from the sale of the collection.


Royalties from the sale of NFT Cyber Girl on the OpenSea secondary market will be:

  • 3% on the liquidity pool of the ERC-20 token
  • 2% for marketing and of the platform


Cyber Girl Metaverse community token
  • Provides access to the platform
  • NFT owners get it by airdrop
  • Based on ERC-20
  • Increases the liquidity of the platform
  • Exchange & trade
  • Profit distribution, liquidity rewards
  • Launch of token IDO in 2022
  • Listing on DEX in 2022

The Roadmap

Dec 𑁦 2021
  • Initial Concept And Marketing Research
  • Creation of Characters & Graphic Design
  • Website Launch & NFT Collection Release
  • Publication of Smart Contracts
  • Public Sale of NFT Collection
  • Giveaways & Airdrops
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap
Jan 𑁦 Feb 𑁦 Mar 𑁦 2022
  • Airdrop of 1CGM Platform Token Based on ERC-20
  • Launch of the Metaverse Platform with Trading, Staking & Farming Options
  • White Paper Release
  • Collaboration with Exclusive Artists
  • New NFT Collection Release (for Farm Only)
  • 1CGM Token Liquidity Pool
  • Listing on IDO Launchpads
  • Profit Distribution & Liquidity Rewards
  • NFT Farming & Staking
Apr 𑁦 May 𑁦 June 𑁦 2022
  • Partnership with Gaming Companies
  • Launch of the MVP Game
  • Development of NFT Shards
  • Bridge Integration
  • Participation in Cyber & Metaverse Events

Our Team

John Yaris
Antony Lloyd
Aaron Eisenberg
Senior Developer
Chi Khang
Senior Smart Contract Developer

The Cyber Girl Metaverse is led by a team of passionate entrepreneurs, marketers, artists and designers, and blockchain experts

Our mission is to push the boundaries and prove the globally usable potential of NFT technology. By creating an iconic collection and building a community, the developers aim to inspire investment in decentralized finance and digital art, as well as other projects under the auspices of groundbreaking protocols for data management and financial transaction security.

Join the community of modern digital users, entrepreneurs and artists with the help of NFT Cyber Girl!

Our mission

We want to contribute to the development of a decentralized world as well as support the value of diversity and women empowerment through digital art. We wish to uphold these values to humanity through our NFT collection and to build a strong foundation for this in the Metaverse of the future.


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